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If you want to blog on expungement or gun rights, which would fall under the broader issue of Criminal Protection, we are a fantastic fit. Prioritize covering well-known and well-understood subjects. We will share date of article publishing after all correction done in article. What you have to do after your article selected for submission. Our editor team will review your article in detail and will send article to you if we need any changes in article before submission. We also have the right to edit articles to meet the required publishing standards.

Marketing web content will certainly be approved just if it is of any type of actual value to the reader and also not simply an advertising and marketing gig. You can cover any law related topic that suits your convenience. Acquire a backlink to improve your site’s authority and traffic. Demonstrate your writing skills to a target audience that will like reading your work.

There is no better way to build an emotional, humanizing connection online than with a video. By creating a video with this content in mind, you can then flesh out the details of the video in a blog post to accompany it. Check out this FAQ video we created for our clients at The Crone Law Firm. While it’s obvious that blogging for a law firm requires time and effort, there’s no doubt that it’s an effective way to market your firm. Here are some of the top reasons why you should learn how to write a blog post.


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Writing a blog post can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it, so we’ll walk you through the choices you have. Growth-minded law firm owners are always looking for new ways to expand their brand and increase their client base. You have to go through the proper channels to get clearance for the article topic that you want to write about. Therefore, please submit your ideas for guest posts first. Guest posting is not only help to drive the traffic but also help to get the quality link that boost your website ranking.

You can also contact for guest blogging through contact us page. That, the author shall not submit the piece elsewhere for publication while it is still under review with The Law Blog. For every published submission, the copyright shall vest with Law Matters Centre for Research, Education, and Social Action . Please use the proper attribution of any outside sources used for data, quotations, or images that you use/reference in your blog post. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A well-researched, thoughtful, and in-depth post is welcomed and we ensure that it reaches a significant number of readers.

If your site has many thin blog posts of low value to potential clients, search engines (e.g. Google) and other marketing platforms, then don’t expect much. Keyword research is a critical part of blogging for lawyers and making sure your legal blogs rank well in search engines. Once you’ve written your legal blogs and are about to publish, it’s time to optimize your articles to rank high in search engine results. Organic traffic is sure to come your way when you start publishing the guest blogs to your website. A huge amount of referral traffic can also be won with this process. This is where the guest posting service law can come into use for any big or small legal firm.