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Many of our readers are women faculty members. According to thesurvey, men make up approximately 10% of our audience. This magazine is published bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September and November. Editorial content addresses the concerns, interests, challenges and joys of readers, offering thoughtful perspectives on how they can discover and express more of their divine potential. Articles are generally 800 to 1,000 words long and features generally run 1,200 to 1,600 words.

We prefer to publish pieces that haven’t been published anywhere else, including personal or professional blogs, with the exception that the original piece be modified to fit our audience well. EDITS – Any article submitted for publication automatically assumes your approval and consent to editing . You will always be credited as the author/contributor.

A tasteful CTA is encouraged, but keep in mind that our mission is to serve, so your posts shouldn’t look like an advertisement. If you do not have Microsoft Word, include your manuscript and bio in the body of the email. Quality, related photos are welcome although we cannot guarantee that SB will be able to include all or any pictures submitted with manuscripts. All photos must be high resolution, 300 dpi, min. 1MB. Do not submit excerpts from published works, not even your own. Manuscript must not be previously published or re-published, without express written permission by SB Magazine.

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To passionate, Spirit-filled Christians,Charismais the leading charismatic media source that inspires them to radically change their world. Since 1975,Charismamagazine has been a trusted source of news, teaching and inspiration to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. More than 5 million readers access Charisma Media content every month. More than 207,000 readCharismaevery month. Although we are serving an academic audience, we choose not to have a formal academic voice.


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Common themes ofCharismaarticles are prayer, healing, spiritual warfare, end times, the prophetic and Israel. We do not accept essays, editorials, sermons, book reviews, works of fiction or poetry.Charismais always looking for fresh approaches to articles about Christmas and Easter. Your article’s final copy should have a strong working title that is both original and descriptive.