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In return, I just need a reference link in very brief author bio section. These articles can include topics from Electrical or electronics engineering, latest theories, experiments, etc. The Apress editorial and production teams work hand-in-hand with all authors to ensure that their unique voices come through in each book. Apress is committed to supporting the growing programming and development communities by taking risks on publishing books on niche and nascent technologies. Flexibility of deadlinesWhen you are a guest blogger for us, you won’t need to abide by strict deadlines or submit a definite number of articles every week.

You are most welcome to share the link of your published posts, which you have authored on any social media or your website. Are you technically strong in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering? Do you have a passion for writing technical content for the blog?

Gain valuable backlinks to help your own site gain traction with search engines. We have the right to not share any article without any reason, but this is a rare case. Experience our lighting fast Home delivery with Cash on Delivery and Tracking link available. The editor looks after a number of guest contributors, so kindly be patient and wait for our response. You should provide the necessary images and graphics, and any media submitted will become the property of Ampkart.

It may be helpful to go through our website to see what sort of content we publish. Do you have a story to tell or knowledge to share with our audience or want to Write For Us? The community welcomes content creators from different spheres across the world who are interested in “Write For Us”. My only request is that you will allow me to add one do-follow link into the content body or in the author bio section.

Use reliable information from authoritative sites and give credit to the source. We only accept unique and original content that has not been published elsewhere, including our site or another. Internet users are looking for new ideas, the latest news, and trends. They want to interact with content with captivating titles and rich information.

You can be a part of this mission by contributing your knowledge to others. You can write articles on topics related to the following engineering branches. Please don’t forget to add your bio and some description with your submitted content as we will publish it on the Electrical Technology contributor and Writer page. Ampkart covers blogs on Electrical and Electronics engineering as well as products in these fields on both basic and advanced level.

Before submitting your content, kindly read and follow the terms and conditions below. Your post content should be unique, original and should not be published anywhere. Our editors will help you to refine your writing skills and your technical information, and after the article is published, you get paid. You don’t have to be a professional in order to create/write quality content that students and hobbyists love. In fact, most of the content on our website is created by young hobbyists and tinkers who really love what they do.

You will be notified within 2 to 3 weeks if we would like to move forward with publishing your ideas and content. If it is accepted, the piece may be held for an additional 2 weeks typically, in order to optimize timing of its publication. Write interesting, knowledgeable and high quality guest blogs for us on various electrical and related topics. We will be very pleased to post an article written by an expert like you which will not only benefit us or our customers, but will make the internet better. offer writers or companies a fantastic opportunity to obtain broad attention and a platform for sharing their start-up narrative or material.


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However, we prefer content that follows Google’s best practices or rather 1000 to 1250 words. We also have the right to edit or modify your submitted content and you would remain the copyright owner. You may be asked to revise a few points to maintain the quality of the guest article. We wish to bridge the gap between a customer’s search for the solution to his problem, with the right topics and products according to the latest standards.