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This blog is about trending technology & digital era, however we accept all the technology related articles, below are few topics you can write on. We have an up-and-running website with tons of active monthly users. Our team proactively seeks skilled writers to join our editorial team and share their voices and perspectives with thousands of potential leads online. We can help you publish and get numerous views on it, provided the article belongs to our handpicked-topic list. Our audience consists of people who are creators, marketers, and thinkers, within the mobile app ecosystem. We provide them with actionable insights into what’s new in the mobile app ecosystem.

We have a website of several authors and we are always looking for more professionals to join the editorial team. We are committed to publishing interesting articles for our readers. If you have an interesting article or idea that you want to share with our readers, we can help you publish it here. With an expertise in a specific area to share their knowledge and contribute to our Insights section. We are on a mission to build a comprehensive repository of knowledge in various aspects of mobile advertising, app marketing, app development and analytics.


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The article’s content must be original, with no plagiarism or rewriting — you’re not helping yourself by submitting anything that has been copied or rewritten from another source. Second, as anapplication developeris allowed a brief biography that includes a link to your most important application/game . If you are not an application developer, you can have a do-follow link in the bio section to your domain and/or social profile. Write in a style that’s appealing to our audience; they don’t want to read essays.

The internal and external links in your article should be relevant to its content. Please do a thorough search of our site before submitting your articles to avoid replica topics. Kindly allow us at least 5 days to review your post and follow up; as we schedule posts in advance. Also, please understand we receive around 50 submissions per day so sometimes it took more than enough to respond. Make sure your written article must be informative and should be 100% unique. In every stage, our qualified team checks your submitted content.

Among the many advantages of writing for us, mobile app development is one of the most popular. It can generate leads and new users to your website. This kind of content will improve the SEO and search ranking of your website. This is because most of the write for us websites deal with various technologies. But, it is a good idea to check out the terms and conditions before you decide to write for us. Thank you for your interest in contributing to us by writing for us.

We’re searching for unique material from app developers and other people who are interested in mobile apps and related subjects to contribute. We welcome people who are zealous about the business and technology of mobile apps, including in-depth knowledge of app development, web apps, tools, marketing, analytics and testing. We also encourage articles about your upcoming mobile app or any new major updates that you have rolled out of your existing app. After you’ve decided to write for us, you can submit your articles to a number of guest post sites. The most popular ones are Google and Yahoo, and you can choose between Android and iOS for your blog.

Write about tech for us, and let the fingers do the dance according your mind. With the increasing demand for mobile applications, many businesses and organizations are coming up with plans to launch mobile apps for themselves. Every article of yours that we publish will have your name as the contributing writer. And as a regular contributor, you will have your own page that contains your biodata, as well as any links back to your own blogs, websites or social media pages. Your work remains your copyright, while we retain the right to publish your article.

This represents an increase of 32% compared to downloads in 2016 (149.3 billion). The forecast for the year 2021 is 353 billion downloads. You will get remunerated if your content gets accepted and published on our website. Follow our content guidelines and recent blogs to understand our writing patterns. However, your new suggestions and formats can also be considered.

We welcome people who have in-depth knowledge of technologies like mobile applications, web applications, and development tools & testing. Our blog is a dependable source of information for tech specialists, web and app developers, digital marketers, and IT bloggers. Interested writers can pitch their fresh ideas as we are always open to new ideas.

Your write up must be at least 1000+ words in length and shouldn’t have inappropriate outbound links. Maintain the quality of the posts as the reputation of the blog should remain high. By writing crisp and unique obviously, you will get exposed to readers and followers to become well-known over the web. + You should own the right to all the images provided along with the article/post. You should include a link to at least one reputable source from within your content. It will help you choose the right topic and content idea.