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That means the article should fall into one of the categories mentioned above. Do not send us the advertorial or sales pitch post for publishing. We accept only Informative writing and not ADVERTORIAL or sales pitch without sponsorship. They are well-educated, executives, and highly paid professionals. So do not just draft the piece but show them your competitive advantage. Suger Mint require content to be written in English and are only open to accepting content which is unbiased and non-promotional.

So, if you are passionate about startups, productivity, mindset strategies, personal branding, PR, and other business-related topics, we will love to feature your work. As of Jan 2020, all Copyhackers posts are peer reviewed. With your guest post, we help you do promotion in a way that adds quality and value to readers without churn. My rich experience and the ability to write engaging content put me in the right position to guest blog on . I am interested to write about the website development topics.

If the article starts performing well, we will promote it on multiple paid networks and create additional infographics and whiteboard videos to support the article. As of Feb 2, 2020, we pay $300 to $1000 USD for every accepted completed post (amount at the editor’s discretion).That’s more than you’ll find anywhere. And it’s decent compensation given the amount of time you’ll want to put into making your post badass. Guest contributors to Copyhackers enjoy the benefit of building their authority as well as great FB shares, tweets, backlinks, brand-development and signups to their lists.

Send us real and informative success stories about your business for publishing. Many of the guest post which we publish come from industry experts, business blogger, digital marketing experts, and successful business owners across the world. Our audience consists of entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, and business leaders who are seeking informative and insightful information relative to small business. Our audience comes to us for information that inspires, educates and helps elevate them to the next level. All article submissions should be written with this audience in mind.

Here at Write for Us + Education, we’re always on the lookout for new voices to join the conversation. No matter what your experience or background is, if you have something valuable to say about education, we want to give you a platform to share it. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, student, administrator, or just someone with a strong opinion, we welcome your submissions. This is especially important if you’re not familiar with the industry you want to enter. Talk to people who are already in business, read trade publications, and attend industry events. You need to understand the ins and outs of the business before you can be successful in it.


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This way we can choose which one would be the most interesting! Pick two or three potential headlines for your article before even getting started. We do not republish articles already existing online even if you’re the content owner. Please fill out the following form to submit a guest post application.