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Our experts and contributors are required to abide by the FTC disclosure guidelines. The world changes every day, and your travel guide should, too. Our editors review our text, images, and illustrations before publishing to make sure that our articles are accurate and of the highest quality. As with any niche content production, it’s important to have quality writers in place that understand your hotel’s positioning and the audience you are trying to attract. Make sure that you extensively highlight what makes your hotel so special, especially compared to other hotels around you.


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When you’re telling it, ensure that they can picture themselves in the middle of it. This means that you need to understand who your guests are , and that you communicate to them as if you were speaking to a real person. Make your written points short and catchy rather than focusing on blocks of text, and let your pictures, videos, and virtual tours do most of the talking. This is the copy that appears all across your website, including your homepage, ‘about us’ section, the descriptions of your rooms and services, and reviews. It’s crucial that all of this content is consistent and ties into the wider story you are trying to tell about your hotel.

Are there local attractions, restaurants or beaches nearby? Incorporate your connections with these demand centres into your hotel’s content. Cloudsdeal is a Travel Blog that accept guest posts which focus more on quality than quantity. Make sure to share travel guest post that attracts people attention and make them aware about a destination. Hotel Guest Post enables readers to know everything about Hotel Field. Nowadays, Hotel lines are mushrooming day by day, and people are rushing to invest in hotels or restaurants.

If you successfully pass our qualification as guest author and you want to be shown, just let us know. We’re really keen to get great travel writers on board who can regularly contribute, whether it’s a new post each quarter, month, fortnight or even each week. It’s like Once you submit your content for publishing to centralmenus, our content editors will review it to ensure that it is in line with our Post guidelines. Centralmenus always looking for industry professionals and talented writers to provide our readers with engaging new content.

If you are interested in writing for the mycloud blog, please review this entire page. Light The Minds updates posts on random topics to educate, elevate and entertain the reader. Remove the dark side of your mind with the light of knowledge.

Once guests have completed the booking process, it can be easy to file the reservation and forget about it until they arrive. But there’s no reason why you can’t start creating a memorable guest experience the moment they hit ‘confirm’. It’s always a good idea to promote and showcase the attractions in your locale as this will, of course, entice people to visit and stay at your hotel. With a blog, you can keep people in the loop on a more frequent basis, such as when a particular attraction is renovated or improved, or when something new opens altogether. As the pandemic has highlighted, it’s important to have a platform in place where you can communicate directly with people. If there are significant events occuring in your location that could impact your business or people’s ability to stay with you, then a blog is a good place to do it.

However, we demand a quality article without any intention of web spamming. BMT is looking for inspired editorial that goes beyond the stats of rooms counts and linen thread count. We are looking for content that captures the imagination and transports our readers to the time and place of our editorial. We accept guest article in format of Microsoft word or Google documents.

A 2019 study by found that, while these aggregator sites yield massive power, 21% of customers still booked directly through the hotel’s website. That may not sound like much, but consider that these hotels saved hugely on commissions (as much as 15% for Booking), while being able to build meaningful relationships with their customers. • All authors are required to submit high-resolution, landscape-oriented photos for each POI in the guide. Authors will be duly credited for the photos they submit; Happytrips does not hold any copyright for these photos which means that authors can upload these photos elsewhere if and whenever they choose to. If you’ve trudged through uneasy terrains, dived in oceans, and can weave engaging stories about your escapades, we are interested. The benefits of writing for us include ongoing exposure of your content to an international audience.