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Vue-drag-it-dude – Vue2 element, that lets you drag object wherever you need. Vue-slider-component – Slider for vue1.x and vue2.x. Vue-datepicker-local – A Beautiful Datepicker Component For Vue2. Vue-tel-input – International Telephone Input with Vue.

Vest – 🦺 Declarative kind validation framework inspired by unit testing. Ps-validation – A Vue plugin that provides out-of-the-box knowledge validation rules, very much inspired by the Laravel validation system. Vform – A simple method to handle Laravel back-end validation in Vue. Fine-mq – A fine API to manage media queries in JS with ease and first-class integration with VueJS as a plugin. Vue-breakpoint-component – A render-less element for composing CSS breakpoint state.

Mevn-CLI – Light pace setup for MEVN stack primarily based apps. Vue-hubble – A better method to select elements for UI testing in Vue. Vue-tut – Easily build beautiful tutorials with Vue. Vuese – One-stop answer for vue component documentation. Vue-styleguidist – A type guide generator for Vue parts with a dwelling fashion information. Codesandbox – An on-line IDE and prototyping tool for fast Vue development.

A group is declared by including the group class to the container. Then, you ought to use the group-hover variant with one of many utility lessons on an element that’s the child of the container. The utility class you used group-hover on won’t be applied except any element within the group is hovered. If you check now and your browser/OS is about to darkish mode , you’ll see that the background colour has changed to a darker shade of grey. In the beginning, when we had been establishing our website, we changed the darkish key in tailwind.config.js to media.

The project is an instance of the method to build a Peer-to-Peer sport with Vue. Multi-page ASP.NET Core Vue with TypeScript – Multi-page ASP.NET Core Vue, Typescript, Vuex, Vue router, Bulma, Sass and Jest software. Template/starting point scraped metadata gold mine on the method to use Vue.js as a multi page(multiple mini spa’s) application in .NET Core MVC. – An in depth listing of websites created with the Vue.js Javascript framework.

Vue-easy-tinymce – A simple and powerful package for straightforward usage of tinymce in Vue.js project. Vue-input-code – Base on Vue.js 2.0+ verification code enter part. Vue-rocker-switch – A customizable rocker swap part for Vue.js. Vue-combo-blocks – Small, accessible, customizable and “renderless” autocomplete part for Vue.