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  • 10 Best Triple Sec Cocktails

    Try our simple recipes and find your favorite tipple, from fruity fizz to punchy classics. The kamikaze is a shiny and refreshing cocktail manufactured from equal elements vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. The alcohol flavors are diluted with cola, lemon juice, and easy syrup, giving you a tasty, but nonetheless very sturdy. “In its […]

  • Copycat Arizona Green Tea Recipe Copycat Recipes Clone Recipes

    The pancreas releases insulin, a hormone that allows your cells to soak up glucose for vitality, or store it as glycogen. Sucralose is a popular sweetener which is obtained from sugar by substituting one a part of a sugar … After you brew a tasty cup of your favorite Revolution Tea blend, you probably toss […]

  • Onerous Citrus Iced Tea

    Any chance you know the gravity readings on this? I had the identical though although i think im gonna use beer yeast to keep a bit sweeter finish. This is a 1 gallon recipe, it is very easy to scale up. Ok this is what I did…..5 gals of sugar sweetened Swiss Premium Lemon tea […]