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  • Oona Masikam Aapthigam Dates

    All the left-out Masikams & Sodha Kumbams will be carried out all collectively through the first day of the Varushabdigam by increasing the number of brahmins. Kindly observe that Oona Maasikam once skipped can never be carried out again. The Varushabdigam ceremony is normally carried out for 3 to four days as per community, gotra […]

  • In Course Of Understanding Astrophysical Results Of Nuclear Symmetry Energy Journal Article

    Are not the pagans guilty of Atheism, at once in not worshipping the true God and in persecuting those who do? As a rule they conceive, with Plato, of a great Jove in heaven surrounded by a hierarchy of gods and dæmons. Suffered underneath Saturninus, has enabled us to place a date to the event, […]