Php Array_reverse Keep Keys With Code Examples

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The solution works by overwriting the existing elements of the desired array with out utilizing any auxiliary array. Javascript array reverse() technique reverses the factor of an array. The array_reverse() perform is a inbuilt operate of PHP.

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One of the advantages of this system is that the array $a is reversed in place so there isn’t a necessity of creating a model new array. Array is a group of comparable information which is stored in steady memory addresses. Array values may be fetched using index. Do-while can additionally be used to iterate a set of statements primarily based on a condition.

Array_reverse() returns a brand new array with the elements from the enter array in reverse order. As of PHP four.0.3, an elective parameter can specify that the keys ought to be preserved. The PHP array_reverse() operate returns an array with elements grid span of the original array in reverse order. The array_reverse() operate accepts an array and returns a new array with the order of components in the input array reversed.