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Submissions should be between 700 – 900 words and pay will be discussed when your submission is accepted for publishing. Guest writing is incredibly valuable for a blogger, for a few reasons. When you publish content on someone else’s website, your writing reaches a larger audience and increases your readership. FamilyFun is a popular magazine that’s been running for a long time.

To break into this magazine, you’ll need to pitch story ideas about parenting, family life, and things to do in the Gulf Coast. And if you really want to get Gretchen’s attention, pitch a seasonal story idea months in advance based on the magazine’s editorial calendar. I’m Sarah, a wife and work-from-home mom of three. I’m a freelance writer, blogger, and content creator. Follow my family on all things parenting, marriage, life, and kids. Is to give other moms inspiration and relief from everyday life.

Writing for this publication means building your network and reputation. You may think business writing is what you read in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and the jargon-filled stuff in any newspaper’s Business section. So I decided to pursue writing as a freelance mom.


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Job boards are essentially websites that list jobs. You can scroll through them to see which job suits you and choose the one that is right for you. The Yummy Mummy Club is a Canadian-based publication that covers all aspects of motherhood.

Another way I’ve grown my business is through podcasts. They’re a great way to talk about your business and get your name in front of a lot of people. It’s always nice to connect with smart, like-minded people.

This monthly magazine features stories and content for parents and families in North Carolina. Check the 2019 editorial calendarfor themes per issue, and special editions. She’s also the editor for the Where Traveler Raleigh-Durham blog published by Morris Media. As long as you can write engaging and relatable posts, you will have an audience. This can be seen from the wide range of blogging jobs for moms that are available.

Michelle Hugginsis the editor for Charlotte Parent magazine. She says queries should typically be submitted three months in advance of publication. Queries should focus on stories, events, and ideas, that provide useful advice and resources for parents with kids in the Charlotte area.

Healthy Living covers a variety of health topics including beauty, travel and parenting. When submitting your request to guest post, go ahead and submit your entire post. So she started building up her freelance clientele while continuing to have children—she now has five kids, one of whom has special needs. “Freelance writing has allowed me to have a careerandbe a mom,” says Perets. Now, she shows other women how they can do the same.

As a reminder, no more than 20 words in a sentence – they tend to not pass the readability test. We do not allow low-quality backlinks from the article. Please inform me prior if you want to add a link to your website from the content. Longer and in-depth posts do well with our audience. And any topic relevant to motherhood and parenting.