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As mentioned in one of the previous Salesforce interview questions, a profile will ultimately control access to which records a user has in a Salesforce org. No user can work on the Salesforce org without being assigned a profile. A roll-up summary field is used to display a value in a master record based on the values of a set of fields in a detail record.

In a Lookup relationship, even if the parent record is deleted, the child record will not be deleted. Another important point to note here is that, only Summary reports and Matrix reports can be fed as data source for dashboards. Tabular and Joined reports cannot be used as data source for dashboards.

No, it is not possible to edit apex classes and triggers directly in production environment. A sandbox is a copy of the production environment/ org, used for testing and development purposes. It’s useful because it allows development on Apex programming without disturbing the production environment.

To learn more about it, enroll for Salesforce developer certification today. Profiles determine the level of access a user can have in a Salesforce org. This list of interview questions is divided into 9 sections, each for different aspects of Salesforce. He has expertise in domains like Big data, Cloud computing and…

It helps automate business processes and extend powerful APIs for added security. Salesforce offers a diverse infrastructure of software products designed to help teams from different industries — including marketing, sales, IT, commerce and customer service — connect with their customers. For example, by accessing the Salesforce Customer 360 app, teams across an entire organization can connect and share a single view of customer data on an integrated platform.

Whatever size your business, whatever your industry, there’s a solution tailored to you. The advantage of using custom settings is that it allows developers to create a custom set of access rules for various users and profiles. In this way, many users can be assigned the same profile. In case the team lead or manager need access to additional records/ objects then it can be done by assigning permission sets only for those users.

To make sure no single client monopolizes the shared resources, Salesforce introduced the concept of Governor Limits which is strictly enforced by the Apex run-time engine. A very intuitive platform with an easy interface and customizable templates library, Zoho Forms is a fuss-free option to create forms that can be shared both online and offline . What makes Zapier extraordinary is that you can build a lot of automation between various platforms you use, all without any code. It can become the single source of truth and helps simplify the otherwise complex Salesforce reports. All adjustments to the pipeline will have to be made only once on Clari and this works much faster when compared to updating it directly on Salesforce.

You can count the number of detail records related to a master record. Or, you can calculate the sum, minimum value, or maximum value of a field in the detail records. Hopefully this helps you land a top-notch job in the domain of your passion. In case you attended a any interview recently, we urge you to post any question you have faced.

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