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How to create an Alexa Skill using Alexia Framework – Tutorial on using the Alexia framework. VoiceBot Podcasts – Gather in one place the most important news and commentary about all issues voice web. – Alpine is a pioneer in voice experience analytics, and is essentially the most broadly used product analytics service for Alexa abilities. Opearlo – Opearlo is a voice design agency that offers Alexa skill design and improvement, along with Opearlo Analytics, a platform for insights into Alexa ability usage.

How to drop 10 million packets per second – Cloudflare’s weblog publish talking about their move to utilizing XDP for packet filtering. The eXpress Data Path – A very accessible introduction to XDP, offering pattern code to indicate tips on how to course of packets. Communicating with Userspace – How BPF communicates with userspace – BPF maps, perf occasions, bpf_trace_printk. A BPF reference information – About BPF C and bcc Python helpers, from bcc repository. Tc-bpf – Manual web page about utilizing BPF with tc, including instance instructions and samples of code.

We additionally can not promise we will settle for every feature contribution. Even if the code is already written, reviews and upkeep have a value. In all circumstances, JavaScript code can be utilized to intercept and course of requests and responses earlier than forwarding them on. Traditional internet servers and proxies have used bespoke configuration languages with quirks which are onerous to grasp. Programming proxies in JavaScript as a substitute offers extra energy whereas making the configuration easier to put in writing and perceive. Development velocity isn’t only a comfort for an entrepreneur.

Nitrux – Promotes the use of AppImage as the main format for getting purposes, has a inbuilt app heart featuring AppImages. Appimage2desktop – Creates a desktop file and an icon in the system for an AppImage, nothing else. RUA – Build tool for Arch Linux offering management, evaluate and jailed build choices. BBQLinux – – A user-friendly Linux distribution made for Android developers. It has everything on board to construct AOSP or AOSP-based distributions like LineageOS or OmniROM.

In addition to wrapping over Native APIs, it additionally comes with its own Windowing and Input abstraction. This makes game and application growth with Silk.NET a breeze, and has just about every little thing a 3D utility developer would need. GitRead.Net – GitRead.Net is a .NET Standard library which lets you very easily interrogate a Git repository that you have on disk.

Super Productivity – Cross-platform todo listing app with built-in Timeboxing and time monitoring capabilities. JDownloader – Free, open-source obtain management tool with an enormous community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast correctly. Mp3tag – a strong and easy-to-use device to edit metadata of audio files. Franz – Electron based mostly, multi-protocol wrapper for web-based chat.

The aim of course is to show that Cloudflare has a feature-complete Zero Trust SASE offering at this point. To help guide those decisions, the Cloudflare staff published a stand-alone web site referred to as the Zero Trust Roadmap. This outlines the components of a Zero Trust structure, instructed solutions for each and even a listing of providers by class. It is designed to be vendor-agnostic, listing competitor choices like Zscaler and Netskope side-by-side with Cloudflare’s product. The vendor listings are even in alphabetical order to be honest (acknowledging that “C” comes before “Z”). This evaluation of Cloudflare’s full platform and service offerings offers necessary context as we look forward and distinguish Cloudflare from different providers.

React-native-viewport-units ★107 – Incredibly simple utility for using viewport units with React Native. React-native-taptargetview ★114 – React Native Bridge for Android KeepSafe/TapTargetView. An implementation of tap spending too little backfire targets from the Material Design guidelines for feature discovery. React-native-cell-components ★125 – Awesome react-native cell components!