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We also encourage you to include in the content credible sources that would substantiate your ideas and claims. I only recommend stuff I have personally experienced and trust to my readers. We will own the content published; you can’t re-spin it and publish it on any other website.


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I’ve had entries from both seasoned and inexperienced bloggers, and both have significantly improved the quality of my blog and website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a car dealer, a race car driver, a biker, a Formula One fan, or a car writer as long as you submit an article that people will appreciate. Please follow all the guidelines that are mentioned below to before submitting your guest post to our editorial team.

Please make sure that you have the right to use any images that you submit. If you have an article idea that you think would be a good fit but isn’t on this list, feel free to submit it for consideration. Don’t hesitate to connect with us on your favorite social networks. Find out the latest news, concepts and releases in the industry. The opportunity to get your post shared and promoted on all of our social media, just as if it was ours.

Since many of the products and benefits are explained in our write-ups, the vendors who sell the products or services are typically specialists in their area. So this are the some important points you should follow to approve the guest posting in this site. Power Automedia is always looking for talented automotive freelance writers. We are looking for content creators to author beautifully written, relevant and interesting automotive content. No location-based topics and anchor texts like “Cars for sale in Albuquerque”, “Car Towing in Cincinnati” or “Auto parts in Melbourne”.

We also providing Free Guest Blogging Service on so automotive category. Email us at with why you think you would be a great writer for us. The article should be written following the guidelines stated by Google Search Console. The title of the article should be very appealing and it should give an idea to the readers what the article is about. The content of the article should be very clear and reader-friendly and free of grammatical mistakes. Sidecar is building the largest transportation news source powered by everyday people.

Best Offers & Discounts Best offer and discounts on cars, bikes and insurance etc. Anything that may be construed as a link-building scheme. We don’t participate in any kind of affiliate marketing or partner-linking system. Among our major goals in the publication is to develop a setting where dealerships can discover vendor products, services, and technologies. This benefits the dealer and is also great for the supplier. We believe this is the best way for suppliers to understand new services and products.

We are digital technology and innovation partners transforming businesses across globe through our services and solutions. We do not accept articles on topics that have been posted earlier on our website unless there is something new to it. Hence, you must visit our website once before choosing a topic. The submissions with such content will be rejected upfront. Submissions may include images that complement the content .

As far as I know, you could well be a redneck mechanic working in his backyard replacing parts for no reason. We won’t publish anything on a subject that has already been beaten to death. No “basic maintenance”, “how to sell your car”, “how to change your wipers”, “how to wash your car”, “how to buy a used car”, “car financing made easy” kinda shit.

So also keep in mind that doing the bad backlinks will harm your site. Here guest blogging is another good ways to get best backlinks with good relationship with the website admin. Through the guest post you can get high quality backlinks and better ranking in the search engine. We welcome bloggers – mostly writers who have experience writing automotive and transport news as well as automotive insurance, to write guest posts for us at Keep Driving.

Experience in online writing is preferred, but not mandatory. Never hesitate to email if you are facing any difficulties. Get the latest creative news from FooBar about art, design and business. We offer a flexible, competitive freelance environment where you can write about what you are interested in, what stories you want, on your own schedule.