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Health Guide NG is an online health and fitness magazine that provides Nigerians with helpful information to help them live healthy. This is your reliable Nigerian online health resource. You can place a maximum of 2 self-serving links, one to your site and one other to any social media channel in the author’s bio. Beautikue is considered the highest accolade in the industry.

You will always be the owner of your guest article (beauty, “write for us”). All contributions to our website (health + “write to us”) are published under an international Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 license. Please limit guest posts to topics relating to parenting or motherhood. There are really no hard and fast rules about where you are blogging from.

Never publish any write-up from other websites that is copied. We will remove your article and it would not be released if we find your work is plagiarized. We have the hard work of everyone else, so you should. In an article, pictures would certainly attract the readers’ attention.

It may takes us a few days to respond, but be assured that every guest post will be read and considered. We will notify you of our decision and give you feedback either way. If we choose not to publish your post, feel free to publish it elsewhere on the web. You can also provide links to your Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn.


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There are many advantages to having your content on Mom News Daily. This site is extremely popular, especially among mothers, and it enjoys thousands of unique visitors. For more information about becoming a guest blogger, fill out the form below.

Research the topic well and present the accurate information. Welcome, all beauty & fashion bloggers who search for blogs related to the queries listed down. You must choose a topic that is connected to our blog for your writing.

InocenCia enables everyone in the guest posting to contribute their views using words. Beauty guest post is how people can submit articles on beauty to Beauty Guest post. The site is for women who love all beauty-related topics but want unbiased information. So if you are someone with a passion for makeup and looking great, then this could be the perfect place for you. We do not suggest a post (beauty “write for us”) that contains only or primarily business information about a person, company, website, product or service. These contributing writers are considered a public OTA and are therefore specially sponsored for the health “write for us” price.

Try not to use capital letters as it is like shouting on the internet, which does not suit our style. The tone and content of the article may be casual or structured but must sound human. We love personalized content with a unique voice that is open-hearted, inspiring, positive, informative, and inclusive. The headline must reflect the content of the article.

If that sounds like you,we’d love to have you on board! We prioritize well-researched, smartly written articles that will entertain, inform, or provoke, our Singaporean readers. It’s best to readprevious articlesto make sure your topic hasn’t been covered before. To get involved, justemail uswith your article ideas and a little bit of information about yourself.