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Affidavit of Support – which is a USCIS Form I-134, available on the USCIS website. This should be submitted only in case the host plans to financially support the guest. Host’s address and telephone number in the United States. I will be taking care of your entire USA tour expenses, including the round trip airfare food, housing, medical insurance and all your other personal expenses. I invite you to visit us and spend your vacation in USA with us. We have planned to visit famous tourist places like .

Our emphasis is on providing fresh, unique, informative content for our readers. We look for the best writers who can research a topic in-depth and create a high-quality article. Our only requirement is that you are an expert writer. We don’t accept guest posts, rather we ask you to reach out to us and we can provide you with a topic for you to write about. First and foremost, please make sure you have read and understood our guidelines before submitting.

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The letter, when addressed to the guest, does not have to sound official. It should be more personal, so that you show you have close relations with the guest. If the letter of invitation for USA contains the above-listed details, then the letter is okay. A letter of invitation is a formal letter that a US legal resident or citizen writes to invite their foreign relative to their home. Through this letter, the host confirms that they are able to accommodate the guest into their home and guarantees that the visitor will return home once their visa expires. We know isn’t an easy task and quite time-consuming to finding the right product from millions of products in the market.


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“We used this service for the spouse visa extension application to assure that all the information was valid and correct.” We are looking for talented writers who can write fluently about a range of immigration-related topics. We do not accept articles submitted in PDF or HTML format.

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Please send your valuable article according to our guidelines through But first, please read our all guidelines properly. All we ask is that the article is original (i.e. not published anywhere else, including your own website), that it is of high quality, and is over 1,500 words in length. Each article is unique and has not been published before .

We may supplement your images with stock photos if higher quality images are available of the locations or events about which you are writing. Herewith I am sending all the required documents for getting the necessary visa from the Embassy. After receiving the invitation letter, print it, sign it, and send it to your guest. Your guest must send the invitation letter to the appropriate Embassy.

Our organization is seeking content writers to create articles and blog posts on a variety of topics. The letter is submitted by the guest at the embassy or consulate along with the visa document file. The host must scan it and send it to the guest, who will later submit it with the other supporting documents on the day of their appointment at the embassy or consulate.