24 of the Best Journals Accepting Short Story Submissions

Beginning with March/April 2021, this new column plays on the 101 years of Writer’s Digest and the concept of 101 helpful advice. The guest written, 1,200-word piece will aim to offer writing business basics for those who need a refresher or for those just beginning. Please include WD 101 in the subject line of your submission and paste the essay or pitch in the body of your email. These are profiles of prominent, specialized, or lesser-known authors that are placed in Inkwell, and can include both debut and veteran writers. They generally run at 800–1,200 words and must have a strong, unique angle of interest to writers. Please don’t pitch profiles on authors who’ve been recently featured in our magazine or other writing magazines.

We accept writing from all self-identifying women, transgender, nonbinary and marginalised people who identify with the experience of gender inequality. The title of the submitted piece must not be the same as the theme name. Possess strong writing skills, especially with character development and world building. Each story will involve children discovering facts through everyday experiences. The story involves the dangers of meeting online, moving to a new country , abuse and many factors. It is very detailed and descriptive but as said a bit heavy for the regular magazines.


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It’s good practice to read what the journal has published in the past. Though many short story publishers accept a wide range of styles and forms, fiction editors still have preferences for what stories they like to read and publish. Examine the journal’s past publications with a critical eye, and consider whether or not your story fits among the journal’s archives. The Threepenny Review publishes literary and inventive works of fiction. They are open for submissions from January through June, and they pay $400 per accepted story.

I would start by going through this list and select the publications that match your genre. Then, once your work is ready to go, you can start submitting your stories to them, making sure you follow all of their instructions very carefully. I have a short story series , that is action based, features two young main characters, and takes place in the early to mid 1990s. I am having trouble locating an outlet that might be interested in these. Each story averages 15,000 to 19,000 words.

However, we are working on a way to immediately acknowledge submissions. All we ask is that you notify us when your work is accepted elsewhere. And when readers look back on an entire book filled with incredible chapters, the entire book as a whole will be seen as being that much better. This story structure often allows readers to feel as though they’ve read a complete story versus just a snippet of a larger one. It’s okay for your short story to have an unresolved ending. In fact, that’ll likely be the case simply because the story is…well, short.

Have you ever wondered where George R. R. Martin’s Daenerys Targaryen first appeared on the printed page? An established market for science fiction stories, Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine has won numerous Hugo and Nebula Awards, and the writers they’ve published have led successful careers. Another one high on the prestige list, The Georgia Review features a wide variety of essays, fiction, book reviews, and more across a wide range of topics. You can read specific requirements for each in the submission guidelines, but the common theme among them all is quality, quality, quality. Beginning with March/April 2023 issue, the Writer’s Digest magazine will include an article of advice about how to edit or revise one’s writing.

What’s most important to us is the chance to read your work, so if you’re unsure if it’s right for DD, please do send it in – we’d love to hear from you. When a writer submits to us, they always receive a response back. We offer in-depth feedback on a submission exclusively to the members of our Patreon. Most of these publishers are currently open to submissions – but not all of them. Some of them have fast approaching submission deadlines.