15 Ways to Maintain a Clean Home

If you’re looking for home cleaning blogs that focus on simple, non-toxic ways to keep your home clean, the Clean Mama blog can help. Clean Mama organizes house cleaning tasks by room. Each room has a checklist of tasks, as well as a list of supplies. The supplies, like Castile soap and hydrogen peroxide, are generally inexpensive, non-toxic, and natural. Like Linda Thomas, Marla Cilley, aka The Fly Lady comes at cleaning from a spiritual perspective.

It’s why, the neighbors say, the crews always quit. Thinking of a house resisting renovation, full of invisible tricksters, changes the way it looks when I walk past its dense darkness at night. After my daughter was born and I went back to work, I needed help. All of our extra money was dedicated to child care and even if it wasn’t I wasn’t comfortable paying people to clean up after me. Behind, under, around every object something needed to be cleaned.

I began to wonder about ghosts because I was in my son’s room. We’ve added a rug, a desk, a dresser, and a bookcase. There are Spider-Man and anime and basketball posters on the walls. He has a child-sized guitar and a basket of toys, but he just doesn’t want to be here. He explained, though he’s on the verge of being too old to access this kind of magical thinking, that there is a portal behind the dresser. It could down to several factors including how many people live in the house, amount of dirt in the air, cleaning routine and practice.


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If you’re accustomed to tossing clothes in that spot, putting a hamper there won’t change anything—it’ll just make it look neater. If you do this, maintaining a clean home is automatically less work. Almost everything is a lot easier to clean if you do it right away. And if something takes less than 5 minutes to clean, it’s worth it to just do it now instead of putting it off for later. Health Guide NG is an online health and fitness magazine that provides Nigerians with helpful information to help them live healthy. This is your reliable Nigerian online health resource.

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I want to be the one in intimate correspondence with my home. Must be nice the voice sneers as I change the sheets. Nice for the people who live in this house to slide into fresh sheets that they didn’t wash or change. Even through the mask, the nursery was so fragrant.