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One can’t create a far-reaching piece of script that satisfies you. If you do need to reference exact cost, point out it’s the price at the time of writing. We have found that longer posts get more views and shares. First, ensure that your TYB profile is complete. Your profile is where our audience can see your credentials and experience. You can see these guidelines in action, If it worked for them, it will probably work for you.

He has been featured in Over 100 Publications including Forbes, The HuffPost, HubSpot, Shopify, Semrush, Kinsta, Bluehost, Hostinger and etc. If there’s only one blogging tool you need to get access to, it should be Semrush. It’s the ONLY tool we’ve been using for over 3 years now to increase our website’s search traffic along with the sales. 1 – You can get any article publish on business topics except gambling, dating, adult, pharmacy, and any illegal business websites. Use the Preview button before submitting your post – this is how your post will look if published as-is.


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We do real marketing as just the fair information about the promoted companies is given on our site and consequently, we expect the same from you like our new author. You are constantly welcome to become a regular supporter of our site and “write for us“. We’d be satisfied to include your commitments in your web page as your articles will be distributed with your writer name on the site to our intended audience. Use Word spell-check and Grammarly – especially if English isn’t your first language. Please run your article by someone who does have English as their first language if you aren’t sure. Online tools can only help you so far – the human eye is always the best, so read through and proofread your post a couple of times at least.

Tell-tale signs – using the word “surely” a lot, missing out generic words like, “the”, “at”, “on” etc. The minute I see these I start backing away from the post as I know it will take some work changing words and sentence structure to make it read well. More importantly, it is in the best interest of the person who has his name as the author to make sure it is written well. We are all aware that ghost blogging is highly prevalent, especially with countries that don’t have English as their first language. If the site you want to guest blog on is written in English and you hire a ghost writer then make sure the English is pitch perfect as it can be spotted a mile off if it isn’t. Here are my suggestions for becoming successful, and likeable, with your guest blogging and I have also included some quotes from friends and colleagues in the business too.

Seed Keywords are the focus keywords and Long Tail Keywords are more descriptive, like more of a question. Your main focus should be on the primary keyword. Include the keyword in your Title and in the first paragraph of your content. BuzzSumo gives you a list of your competitors, and notifies you, with the latest updates, relevant to your area of interest. It has a collection of trending topics, discussed in different forums.

It helps you connect with other bloggers which goes a long way. Domain Authority is a metric created by Moz that is given to your website which gives you an idea about how authoritative a website is. A website’s Domain Authority is measured on a scale from , so make sure to find those sites with at least 30+ DA if you want to write guest posts. Let’s now talk about each one of the above tools in detail so you can easily understand how to effectively use them to easily land guest posts even on authority sites. It gives you access to the most up-to-date list of guest posting sites. The software lets you track all of your guest post submissions.

And your list of Guest Posting Sites really helps me a lot. One thing more some sites want a link builder to check before contacting the blogging site, its TONE. How many backlinks we can make or create in a single blog post, the answer is one for each site and again depends on its naturalness and relevancy. If you create more than one, it can give a sense of paid or reciprocal link which is a black hat practice in SEO. Yes, we know you want to get a link in for your company or whoever you are writing for.